Oath Keepers NYC

(New York City and The Pulse) Saturday, 25 June 2016 @ 21:57 EDT

What does the Pulse nightclub in Orlando have in common with New York City? They are both legislated shooting galleries where terrorists and criminals know they will have relative safety to execute their diabolical plans.

Even if a criminal knows that the police will eventually arrive and take him down, he also knows that he will be able to take out many citizens with no resistance from his targets because the law-abiding citizen has been disarmed. The criminal, of course, cares not that having a weapon in a gun-free zone such as a bar in Florida, a Post Office, school, or the entire City of New York, is illegal. The only thought the criminal or terrorist gives to gun laws, is the protection they offer him in the assurance that his intended victims will not be equipped to fight back.

Only hours after the Orlando tragedy, oath breaker Chuck Schumer, senior senator from New York, was calling on his colleagues in congress to disarm the rest of the United States of America, the same way the citizens of New York have been disarmed.

Those of us who took an oath to support the Constitution, to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, need to send a clear message to our elected officials that we will not stand for being disarmed and turned into targets for every terrorist or criminal that comes along.

The Second Amendment is a confirmation by the founders that each life is special and that each person has the right to self-defense. It is high time that those of us in New York who support the Constitution and the several amendments thereto, send a clear message to our politicians in Washington, telling them we will not allow them to disarm the rest of the country the way corrupt oath breakers disarmed the people of New York.

In addition, we need to send a strong signal to our city and state elected officials, with the message that the oppressive and unconstitutional laws preventing law-abiding New Yorkers from having the tools to defend themselves from terrorists and other bad actors, need to be repealed. New York City is one huge shooting gallery for criminals, because of the Sullivan Act and the various pieces of follow-on legislation that were sold to New Yorkers as the "Magic Bullet" of safety and crime prevention.

Please visit http://www.mygovnyc.org/ and enter your address. Find the contact information for your elected officials and contact them, telling them the only common sense gun legislation this city, state, and country needs is found in the Constitution, and several amendments thereto. In particular call on the city council to repeal the city's anti-gun laws, which are even more draconian than those of the state. Contact your state officials and demand the repeal of the Sullivan Act and all follow-on anti-gun legislation.

Remember as hard as it is for law-abiding citizens in New York to keep and bear arms, it is even harder for the people of France to legally own weapons, and we all know what happened in Paris. The terrorists of ISIS laughed at the anti-gun laws of France and murdered the peaceful people of Paris. Tell our elected officials we will not let New York become another Paris or Orlando.

As the gun grabbers like Schumer and de Blasio like to say, it is time for common sense when it comes to gun laws. Restore the rights of We The People.